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Westerly 47



Fiona Probyn
How does the Settler belong?

Paul Dawson
A Place for the Space Between: Fictocriticism and The University

Creative Non-fiction

Joan London
How Deep Does The Yellow Sand Go?*

Robert Drewe
Where The Yellow Sand Stops*


Shirley Walker
Coming and Going: A Literature of Place Australian Fiction 2001-2002

Jim Wieland
A Gregarious Culture: Australian Non-Fiction, 2001-02

Lucy Dougan
'I find a space for it somehow': new poetry


Megan McKinlay
Taking the Plunge

Jennifer Compton
The Sound of a Breaking String

Jack Hibberd
Dear Jack

Jack Hibberd
W.A. Ink

Jean Kent
At The Patisserie

Roland Leach

Jeff Guess
The Death of Aleksandr Pushkin

Margaret Lewis
'... the nightmare Life-in-Death ...' (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner)

Eugene Dubnov
The Light Green Waves

Thomas Robert Barnes
The Whisperers

Vivienne Plumb
Dry Riser Inlet

James Quinton
The Great Thing About A Hypothetical Self

David Lumsden
head-on and charged with Perhaps

Marcelle Freiman

Ian C. Smith
Crazy Love

Mark O’Flynn
On Recalling The Shopping Complex voted Ugliest Building Two Years Running

Aidan Coleman
I like Airports

Petra White

Ellen Wehle

Ellen Wehle
After Long Sleep

Bruce Dawe
Drayton Cemetary Memory

Bruce Dawe
Evening on a Country Road


Jo Gardiner
The Goodbye Café

Roger Vickery
Double At The Dragon

Nathan Hondros
Letters to a Loved One

Gretta Beveridge
The lost moloch

Melinda Marshall
Sloppy Seconds

John Saul
Shingle Street


Delys Bird and Dennis Haskell

Bruce Bennett
Peter Cowan (1914-2002): Reflections

Bruce Bennett
Dorothy Hewett (1923-2002)*

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