Digital Archive

Westerly 44:3


Brook Emery
My Father's Eyes

Tricia Dearborn
on things not being where I want them to be

Tricia Dearborn

James Charlton
One Light, Many Lamps

Morgan Yasbincek


Janis Spehr
The Snake-Charmer

Peter Tiffen
Two-fella One-time Dream Machine

Christopher Doran
The Quarry

Annabel Smith
Running Bear

Nicole Lobry de Bruyn
The Key to Everything

Janis Spehr
The Meeting

Gail Robinson
Toenail Painting Lesson


Annette Pedersen
Aboriginal Police and The Colonial State

Susan K. Martin
Ladies and Grocers' Wives: The crisis of middle-class female subjectivity in 1890s Australian Women's fictions

David Callahan
Whiteness Under Arms: Rolf Boldrewood and Rosa Praed's Outlaw Narratives

Janda Gooding
Presence and absence in the Western Australian landscape


Mark Mordue
An Interview with Barry Lopez


Susan Midalia
Review of Marion Campbell's Prowler

Julie Lewis
Review of Frances de Groen's Xavier Herbert: A Biography

Tony Hughes-d’Aeth
A Review of Indigenous Australian Voices: A Reader and The Country of Lost Children: An Australian Anxiety

Ralph Elliott
A Review of The Oxford Literary History of Australia

Barbara Brandt
Review of Soundings: Poetry and Poetics: The Proceedings of the Third Biennial National Conference on Poetry

Melissa O’Shea and Daniel Midgley
Review of Brad Miller and McKenzie Wark's Planet of Noise

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