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Westerly 44:2


Judy Lovitt
Something Personal

Morris Lurie
The Day Begins

John Saul
The Gambler and the Girl from Klaipeda

Jan Teagle Kapetas

Kumar Niven
The Inverted Mirror

Karen Kenworthy
I Met Him On The Sydney Road

Roland Leach
The jug-cord

Carole Johnson
The Ugly Sisters Embrace

Carole Johnson


Helen Verity Hewitt
The Veil and the Radiance: Turner and Redon in Patrick White

Kevin Brophy
Fiction and research: a view from the classroom


Maria Vidal Grau and Carmen Zamorano
Encounter with Venero Armanno


Jan Teagle Kapetas
Review of Kim Scott's Benang: From The Heart

Julian Croft
Review of editing the moon, body-flame, Wooroloo, and The Willing Eye

Michael Heald
Review of Donatello in Wangaratta, The Impossible and other poems, and The Satin Bowerbird

Dennis Haskell
Review of Bruce Dawe's A poet's people


Michael Heald
Stirling's Highway

Geoff Page
The Sorry Book

Jan Owen
The Track

Sarah French
Sheer Faith

Sarah French
Red Bluff

Patricia Sykes
Bread and Honey

Peter Richards

Louis Armand
Serial Composition (Red)

Louis Armand
Uuntitled Abstract (Red, Black)

Louis Armand
Analogy of Van Gogh's Shoes

Wendy Wauchope
Travel Sickness

Wendy Wauchope

Geraldine McKenzi
the honey-pit

John Catlin
bones, on the bones of life's meaning (in summer)

Brian Henry
Notes for a Sequence

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