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Westerly 44:1


Craig Cormik
The Inland Sea

Kim Downs

Vivienne Plumb
The Blind Tank

Louis Armand
in the garden of earthly delights

Jennifer Coleman
the real thing

Stephanie Green
The Order of Things

Mary Anne Baartz
Riding the Tiger


Paul Genoni
The Post-colonial Explorer: Rodney Hall's The Second Bridgegroom

John Kinsella
A Patch of Ground

Richard Rossiter
Seaforth Mackenzie and Postmodern Façades

Christopher Wray
Urban Arcadia: Depictions of Perth by Western Australian Impressionists


Judith Johnston
Review of Australian Letters and Lives the Oxford Book of Australian Letters and Australian Lives. An Oxford Anthology

Heather Neilson
Review of A Sea Change: Australian Writing and Photography

Tony Simoes da Silva
Review of Alison Bartlett's Jamming the Machinery: Contemporary Australian Women's Writing

Carmel Bird
Review of John Kinsella's Grappling Eros


Rita Tognini
A Story of English

Philip Salom
Just Then

Philip Salom
The Windmill and the Hill, Flying

Kevin Murray
Raymond Carver On The Bus

Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray
Working With Words

Anne-Marie Newton
The Border is a Place

Wendy Morgan
Varsity Vac Work 1964

Wendy Morgan
Late Storm

Wendy Morgan

Brook Emery
What's Left Out

Brook Emery

John Mateer

Judy Johnson

Peter Lugg
The Party Man

Peter Lugg
The Long-haired Kings of France

Paola Bilbrough

Rob Findlayson
each moment enough: your bones

Stephen Gilfedder
Backgrounder on the Grand Champignon, Australian Mushroom Show

Stephen Gilfedder
Site Inspection

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