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Westerly 43:4


Rosalind Dixon
Chronicles From Somewhere

Tanya Dalziell

Lisa Gerlach

Maya Linden
Days Of Breathing

Damien Millar

Maria Ramsay
Song For The Unemployed

Annabel Smith
Lugu Hu

Alina Turner
Staircase At The Green Iguana

Josh Wilson
The Twice-Dreamed Panther


Kathryn Buselich
Vast Unknown Places Within

Helen Carroll
The City Of Dreams

Miriam Lo
Young Writers: Living The Cliché

Cross genre  

Carolyn Gale
The Tale Of A Mother And Daughter

Julia Lawrinson
Continental Drift

Thuy On
Open Letter To Pauline Hanson


Marion Austin-Crowe
Barbara Brooks With Judith Clark, Eleanor Dark: A Writer’s Life

Van Ikin
Koh Buck Song’s A Brief History Of Toa Payoh

Stephanie Green
Amy Witting’s Maria’s War

Van Ikin
David Ireland’s The Chosen


Maryam Bell
Petra White Matthews

Tony Elias
Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Benjamin Gilmour
Esther Morgan

Simon Hall
Ainslie Robinson

Paul Hardacre
Kirsty Sangster

Miriam Lo
Richard Southem

John Mateer
Jacklyn Wilkinson

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