Digital Archive

Westerly 43:3


Chris Mansell
The Valley Of Tears

Pat Boran
Behind Glass

Morris Lurie
The Carpark Market

Wendy James
Pleading Guilty

Lm. Robinson
Portrait Of Lynette

Joy Kilian
Tangled Cottons

Serge Liberman
The Promise

Dorothy Jones
Voyaging In, Out And Down Under: Elizabeth Jolley’s “Vera Wright Trilogy”

Peter Biskup
Sergei & Nikolay: The Tale Of Two Victims Of Stanlinism

John Ralph
Genetic Criticism & Contemporary Australian Literature

Andrew Taylor
Tim Winton’s The Riders: A Construction Of Difference


Van Ikin
Archie Weller’s Land Of The Golden Clouds

Lesley Walter
Debra Adelaide’sserpent Dust

Tony Simoes Da Silva
Robert Manne’s The Way We Live Now

Terri-Ann White
Kevin Brophy’s Creativity: Psychoanalysis, Surrealism & Creative Writing


Catherine Bateson
Jane Gibian

Andrew Sant
Warrick Wynne

John Malone
Peter Bibby

David Buchanan
John Bennett

Bruce Dawe
Floyd Skloot

Tom Shapcott
Adrian Caesar

Andrew Zawacki

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