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Westerly 43:1



Mary Ann Hughes
The Complexity of Aboriginal Identity: Mudrooroo and Sally Morgan

Brenton Doecke
How to Read Pioneer Sagas: Miles Franklin's All That Swagger

Sue Gillett
Beyond National Imaginings: Adventuring in the Motherland in Sue Woolfe's Leaning Towards Infinity


Bruce Dawe and John Kinsella
John Kinsella in conversation with Bruce Dawe


Bruce Russell
A Review of Brigid Lowry's Guitar Highway Rose

Tanya Dalziell
A Review of Deha Falconer's The Service Of Clouds

Brian Henry
A Review of Fay Zwicky's The Gatekeeper's Wife

Paul Genoni
A Review of Thea Astley's Collected Short Stories and The Multiple Effects of Rainshadow


Barbara Brandt
Dusk comes early

Sarah French

Shane McCauley
Fallen Pears

Peter Porter
Hometown Boys

Peter Porter
Two Part Invention

Peter Porter
Initium Sapientiae Timor Domini

Bruce Dawe
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

John Kinsella
The Iconography of Drought

John Mateer
These Moments: Mt Victoria

John Mateer
The Unimaginable

John Mateer
The Voice that isn't Mine

John Mateer
The Guide

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
The Gallimaufry

Coral Hull
The Camels at Silverton, New South Wales

Coral Hull
The Bare Hills of South Australia and Winnininnie Creek Stones

Coral Hull
Kurrajong Tree With the Warm Bright Hat of Leaves

Brendan Ryan
St Kilda Beach, Thursday Afternoon

Brendan Ryan

Brendan Ryan
Lake Mungo

Brendan Ryan
400 metres of smoke

Philip Salom
The Glass

Philip Salom
Looking for Arthur's Mum

Philip Salom
He Learnt the Wood

Lorraine Marwood
Looking at my daughter's weather

Bev Braune

David Buchanan
The Sounds of Swimming

Jeff Guess
Girl Sewing

Russell Forster
Death of this day

Russell Forster
Against entropy

MTC Cronin
the last day

MTC Cronin
leaving the window

Zoltan Kovacs
Memory Of A Milking


Lau Siew Mei
Cutting the Tight-Rope

Chris Newton

Joy Dettman
Two Gifts for Annie

Cecily Scutt

Dean Kiley
How to Host a Rape

Wendy James
The Purse in Her Hand

Peter Constantine
The Inheritance

Carolyn Polizzotto
Allan Daniels and the Ghost House*

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