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Westerly 42:3



Alan Urquhart
Seeking the missing person, or reading the poetry of John Forbes

Kevin Brophy
Endings: Reproducing Originality

Michael Ackland
The Lesson of Barambogie: Richardson's Response to Schopenhauer in The Fortunes of Richard Mahony

Raymond Aaron Younis
Written Among the Living: Patrick White and the Zaddikim


Tony Hughes-D’aeth
A review of Simon Ryan's Cartographic Eye

Terri-Ann White
A review of Lucy Frost and Marion Halligan's Those Women who go to Hotels

Kieran Dolin
A review of Leigh Dale's The English Men: Professing Literature in Australian Universities

Matthew Allen
A review of Chris Healy's From The Ruins of Colonialism: History As Social Memory

Ron Shapiro
A review of David Carter's A Career In Writing: Judah Waten and the Cultural Politics of a Literary Career

Tony Hughes-D’aeth
A review of Alec Choate's The Wheels of Hama and Jill Jones' The Book of Possibilities


Bruce Dawe
Ladybird, Ladybird

Gig Ryan
Not ecstasy, but anxiety

Gig Ryan
Achilleus to Odysseus

Peter Bibby
Walking up the Shadow

Michael Sariban
The Deluge

Peter Minter
Describing Phenomena

Alec Choate
Wind Among the Leaves

John Tranter

John Tranter
Thanks, Joe

John Tranter
Paid Meridian

Andrew Sant
Days of Incompletion

Graeme Hetherington

Kevin Hart
The Letter

Kevin Hart

Kenneth C Steven

Diane Fahey
Serving Maid

Alan Alexander
Hester Siding

David Lumsden
Slice of two lives

David Lumsden
Girlfriend Weeping

David Lumsden
Seeing each other again

Alice Friman
Speaking of Cats


Renée Webster
Breath of a Season

Daniel Davies
The Sounds of Summer

Kenneth C Steven
Ard Mor

Kenneth C Steven

Alan Davies
Letters from a Distant Country

Kate Lyons
The car theory

Meaghan Delahunt

Andrew Burke
Singing Under A Full Moon

Brigid Lowry

Nick Smith
Served cabbage when all you wanted was potato

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