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Westerly 42:3


Renee Webster
Breath Of A Season

Daniel Davies
The Sounds Of Summer

Kenneth C Steven
Ard Mor Treasure

Alan Davies
Letters From A Distant Country

Kate Lyons
The Car Theory

Meaghan Deiahunt

Andrew Burke
Singing Under A Full Moon

Brigid Lowry

Nick Smith
Served Cabbage When All You Wanted Was Potato


Alan Urquhart
Seaking The Missing Person, Or Reading The Poetry Of John Forbes

Kevin Brophy
Endings: Reproducing Originality

Michael Ackland
The Lessons Of Barambogie: Richardson’s Response To Schopenhauer In The Fortunes Of Richard Mahoney

Raymond Aaron Younis
Written Among The Living:Patrick White And The Zaddikim


Tony Hughes-D’aeth
Simon Ryan’s Cartographic Eye

Terri-Ann White
Those Women Who Go To Hotels; Lucie Frost & Marion Halligan

Kieran Dolin
Leigh Dale’s The English Men

Matthew Allen
Chris Healy’s From The Ruins Of Colonialism: History As Social Memory

Ron Shapiro
David Carter’s A Career In Writing: Judah Waten

Tony Hughes-D’aeth
Alec Choate’s The Wheels Of Hama; Jill Jones’ The Book Of Possibilities


Bruce Dawe
Graeme Hetherington

Gig Ryan
Kevin Hart

Peter Bibby
Kenneth C Steven

Michael Sariban
Diane Fahey

Peter Minter
Alan Alexander

Alec Choate
David Lumsden

John Tranter
Alice Friman

Andrew Sant

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