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Westerly 42:2



Silvia Albertazzi
The Art of Translation and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Robert Dixon and Philippa Kelly
Brave Myth-takes: Re-Writing Romance in Tim Winton's The Riders and Amanda Lohrey's Camille's Bread

Patrick Morgan
Nathan Spielvogel

Creative Non-fiction

Carmel Bird
Meeting Doris Brett

Morris Lurie
Mr Nabokov Misses the Train


Marion Haliigan
A Review of Gail Jones' Fetish Lives

Terri-Ann White
A review of Motherlode

Tim Bowers
A review of Gordon Matthews' An Australian Son

Angeline O’Neill
A review of Bruce L. Russell's Jacob's Air

John Mateer
A review of Rod Mengham's Unsung


Ouyang Yu
Domestic Politics

Yi Sha
Train Journey across the Yellow River

Yi Sha
A Hero Revived

Yi Sha
The Artificial Limbs Factory

John Kinsella
A Tale from Sand Plain Country

Stephen Gilfedder
A Misinterpretation of the Davy Crockett Technique around the time of Caryl Chessman's execution in the Electric Chair

Kevin Murray
School Closures

Roland Leach
Offshore and Drifting

Stephen Mallick
Before School

Stephen Mallick
Perfume bottle

Sandra Goldbloom Zurbo
Unsent Letter to My Therapist

Paul Finn
Change or Pass

Barbara Brandt
Night camp

Jena Woodhouse
Shrimp-cathcers, Syros

Yannis Hondros
Ritsos' Recovery

Jeff Guess
Charles Darwin Contemplates the Coastline of Australia for the first time in 1835


Fabienne Bayet
Public Notice

Lee Stupart
Dot to Dot

Tracy Ryan
At Fifteen

Ronnie O’Shea
Bells Are Ringing

Jacqueline Ross
The Hang

Lisa Brady

Jennifer White
The Dial Painters

Jane Downing
Through the Broken Glass

Jenifer Hetherington
Perched Egg

Gerry Turcotte


Ruby Langford Ginibi and Elizabeth Guy
Ruby Langford Ginibi in conversation with Elizabeth Guy

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