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Westerly 41:3



Elizabeth Guy
Kim Scott in Conversation with Elizabeth Guy

John Kinsella and Dorothy Hewett
Dorothy Hewett in conversation with John Kinsella on the release of her Collected Poems

Barbara Bursil
The Last Enchanted Molecule

Susanne Braun-Bau
Rodney Hall in Conversation with Sussane Braun-Bau


Graeme Dixon, Tom Little ad Lorna Little
The Mudrooroo Dilemma


Dennis Haskell
A review of Listening To The Train, The Rome Air Naked, and A Third Map: New And Selected Poems

Lucy Dougan
A review of The Angry Penguin: Selected Poems Of Max Harris

Heather Neilson
A review of Chris Mcleod's The Crying Room

George Seddon
A review of R.J.B. Bosworth's Italy And The Wider World

R.S. White
A review of Charles Edelman's Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'

Rosemary Sorenson
A review of Risks


Ken Spillman
Four Elements

Joy Elizabeth
Reflections During the Gulf War

Peter Bibby
Northampton RSL Hall

David Ray
Housesitting in Vermont

David Ray
A Moment in Spain

Christopher Harris
Visiting Rites

Christopher Harris
Christmas 1945

Martin Johnson
Forking silage

David McCooey
On Something

David McCooey
Family Lore

David McCooey
Missing You

David McCooey
The Same River

Ron Pretty
Lake Louise

Ray Liversidge
Post-Modern Blues

Ross Clark
Brady's Glasshouses

Geoff Page

Geoff Page
The Wave

Alec Choate
Still Water, Guangzhou Theatre

Kristopher Saknussemm
One Cold Morning Once

Kristopher Saknussemm
Drifting Toward the Centre

Kristopher Saknussemm

Graham Rowlands
The Other Man

Ouyang Yu
Near Forty


Angela Malone
White City

Nigel Krauth

Georgia Richter
Dil Thorne

Deborah Watkins

Yann Toussaint

Kevin Roberts

Raymond Allan
Bombs and Silence

Rob Cover

Richard Hamilton
The Open Wound

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