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Westerly 41:2


Beate Josephi
A Stolen Childhood

Sarah French

Carmel Macdonald-Grahame
Minor Runnings Off

Marguerite Laurence
The Seventh Day

Maria Gillman

Lesley Beasley
A Place In The Family

Brigid Lowry
Woman Found In Lonely Room

Brigid Lowry
A Little Romance

Christina Lupton
Hector Burger

Hoa Pham

Adrian Wood
Gopal’s Yoyo


Rosiynn Haynes
Ambivalent Eulogy: Catherine Martin’s ‘The Explorers’

Anna Johnston
Australian Autobiography And The Politics Of Narrating Post-Colonial Space

Ron Shapiro
The Darville/Demidenko Affair: Jew And Anti-Jew In Australian Fiction


Kirsty Songster
Roland Leach

Diane Fahey
Jena Woodhouse

Kenneth C Steven
Mike Greenocre

Katherine Cottle
Stephen Gilfedder

Wendy Poussord
Michael Saribon

Desmond Graham
Barry Butson

Stephen Foulds
Joy Liveson

Alan Alexander
Richard Hillmon

Bruce Dawe
John Molone

Ken Spillmon
Barbara Fisher

Marc Swan
Stephen Mollick


Geoffrey Bolton
George Seddon’s, Swan Song

Pamela Bagworth
Elizabeth Jolley’s, The Orchard Thieves

Andrew Burke
Chao’s, Paper Board

Heather Neilson
Gillian Meats, The Grass Sister

Roberta Buffi
Justine Ettler’s, The River Ophelia

Rosanne Dingli
Sue Woolfe, Leaning Towards Infinity

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