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Westerly 40:4

Reminiscences And Stories

Alan Seymour
Came The Dawn

Jean Lang
Who Only Stand And Wait: Extracts From The Land Of Was

Rosanne Dingli
The Most Fortunate Children – World War Two In Malta

Joe O’Sullivan
Jassim: Kurdish Champion

Lee Stupart
T, O, Triangle, W, P, O


Alan Alexander
Geoff Page

Rita Tognini
Stephen Lacey

Zenon Pirga
Adrian Caesar

Andrew Burke
Lawrence Bourke

Desmond Graham
Millicent C Borges


Tanya Dalziell
‘Make Bombs Not Cakes’: The Australian Women’s Weekly Souvenir Tribute To The War Effort

Jeff Doyle
Missing In Action? War ‘Through Women’s Eyes’

Steve Bunk
Was The Consul A Spy?

Alan Gould
A Gravitational Pull

Adrian Caesar
‘Kitch’ And Imperialism: The Anzac Book Re-Visited

Brian Willis
Restriction And Control Of Aborigines In Western Australia During World War Two


Ron Pretty
Nicolette Stasko, ‘Black Night With Windows’; John Kinsella, ‘The Silo: A Pastoral Symphony’; Alec Choate, ‘Mind In Need Of A Desert’, Michael Sharkey, ‘Strange Journey: Poems’

Dennis Haskell
Geoffrey Dutton, ‘Out In The Open: An Autobiogrpahy’; ‘New And Selected Poems’

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