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Westerly 40:2


Julia Darling
The Baboon’s Keeper

Kate Lyons
Back To

Robyn Ianssen
An Old Man Wandering – The Exhibition Postponed

Glenys Collis
“Loving Husband Of Jean Loved Friend Of Susanna”


Robert Love
John Catlin

Carolyn Logan
Phyllis Perlstone

Andrew Lansdown
Vera Newsom

Yve Louis
Robert Edmonds

Glen Phillips
Stephen Lacey

Alec Choate
Chris Andrews

Graeme Kinross-Smith
Ramona Barry

Shimon Weinroth
Ron Pretty

Tracy Ryan
Norman Talbot

John Malone
Ian Templeman

Stephen Hall
Graham Rowlands

Caroline Caddy


David Mccooey
Looking Into The Landscape: The Elegiac Art Of Rosemary Dobson

Christine Evans
Between Love And Castration: On Brenda Walker’s Novel Crush

Coonardoo Cath Ellis
A Tragic Convergence: A Reading Of Katharine Susannah Prichard’s


Shirley Walker
Paul Hetherington, “The Dancing Scorpion”; Jan Owen, “Blackberry Season”; Elizabeth Riddell, “The Difficult Island”

Sally Scott
Maryanne Dever (ed), “Wallflowers And Witches: Women And Culture In Australia”

Ian Saunders
Maryanne Dever (ed), “M.Bamard Eldershaw: ‘Plaque With Laurel’, Essays, Reviews And Correspondence”

Pamela Bagworth
Hilary Fraser & R.S. White (eds), “Constructing Gender: Feminism In Literary Studies”

Doireann Macdermott
Dennis Haskell (ed), “Tilting At Matilda, Literature, Aborigines, Women And The Church In Contemporary Australia”

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