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Westerly 40:1



Philippa Kelly
Transgressive Spaces: Helen Garner's Cosmo Cosmolino

Lee Spinks
Austerities and Epiphanies: A Note on Fantasy and Repression in Patrick White's "Five-Twenty"

John Mateer
The Use of Burning Swans: the South African background to an 'iconoclastic' language

Nicholas Birns
Beyond Disillusionment: Frank Moorhouse's Grand Days and Post-Colonial Idealism


Heather Neilson
A review of Drusilla Modjeska's The Orchard

Les Harrop
A review of The Oxford Companion to Twentieth Century Poetry

David McCooey
A review of The Oxford Book of Australian Religious Verse

Tony Simoes da Silva
A review of Sneja Gunew's Framing Marginality: Multicultural Literary Theory

Charles Edelman
A review of Penny Gay's As She Likes It: Shakespeare's Unruly Women

Michael Denholm
A review of Gina Merger's Janet Frame, Subversive Fictions

Collin O’Brien
A review of Ron Davidson's High Jinks at the Hot Pool


Jean Kent
Dances Above the Hardware

Ouyang Yu
Word Prison: A Lesson

Ouyang Yu
Fuck You, Australia

Ouyang Yu
A Lesson on Eyes

Andrew Sant
For My Daughters

Heather Cam
The Weasel

Rory Steele
It Can't Happen to Me

Rory Steele

Alice Friman
Callahan's Bride

Bronwen Morrison
A Painter Poses

Kenneth C Steven
Once Before

Clayton Hansen
Dances at the Hall

Dale Harcombe
Home's Kid

Sue Moss
pidgin pieta

Graham Rowlands
Unopened Poppies

David Ray

Richard Hillman
Bush Moniter

John L Malone
The Colour Purple

R.G. Hay
A local habitation

Lisa Bellear (Noonuccal)
The Smoker

Justin Macdonnell


Alison Puchy-Palmos
Dame Mary Durack


Rosanne Dingli
The Pomegranate Tree

Ruth Callaghan
Ariadne's Labyrinth

Steven Miller
It Happened to Matthew Again

Carolyn Logan
The Woman Who Turned Into a Lizard

Catherine McIver
Amanda's Flowers

Kathryn Goldie
Jane and her Gun

Dionne Newton
Under the glass slide

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