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Westerly 40:1


Rosanne Dingli
The Pomegranate Tree

Ruth Callaghan
Ariadne’s Labyrinth

Steven Miller
It Happened To Mathew Again

Carolyn Logan
The Woman Who Turned Into A Lizard

Catherine Mciver
Amanda’s Flowers

Kathryn Goldie
Jane And Her Gun

Dionne Newton
Under The Glass Slide


Jean Kent
Dale Harcombe

Ouyang Yu
Sue Moss

Andrew Sant
Graham Rowlands

Heather Cam
David Ray

Rory Steele
Richard Hillman

Alice Friman
John L. Malone

Bronwen Morrison
K.G. Hay

Kenneth C Steven
Lisa Bellear (Noonuccal)

Clayton Hansen
Justin Macdonnell


Alison Puchy-Palmos
Dame Mary Durack

Philippa Kelly
Transgressive Spaces: Helen Gamer’s “Cosmo Cosmolino”

Lee Spinks
Patrick White’s “Five-twenty”

John Mateer
The Use Of Burning Swans

Nicholas Birns
Frank Moorhouse’s “Grand Days” And Post-Colonial Idealism


Heather Neilson
Drusilla Modjeska, “The Orchard”

Les Harrop
Ian Hamilton (ed), “The Oxford Companion To Twentieth Century Poetry”

David Mccooey
Kevin Hart (ed), “The Oxford Book Of Australian Religious Verse”

Tony Simoes da Silva
Sneja Gunew, “Framing Marginality: Multicultural Literary Theory”

Charles Edelman
Penny Gay, “As She Likes It: Shakespeare’s Unruly Women”

Michael Denholm
Gina Merger, “Janet Frame, Subversive Fictions”

Collin O’Brien
Ron Davidson, “High Jinks At The Hot Pool”

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