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Westerly 39:4


Pat Jacobs

Bronwen Morrison
In Yr Element

Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon

Antonio Casella
The Flowering Broombush

Rosanne Dingli
The Summer Man


Alec Choate
Vasso Kalamaras

Diane Fahey
Philip Salom

Jeff Guess
Fay Zwicky

Jena Woodhouse
Hal Colebatch

Danny Gardner
Graeme Hetherington

Antigone Kefala
Peter Porter


Carolyn Polizzotto

Roberta Buffi
Perth And Naples – Two “Corrupted” Mediterranean Cities

Michael Symons
Olive Oil And Air-conditioned Culture

John Fitzpatrick
An Historical Geography Of Mediterranean Cuisines

Michelle Tsokos
Memory And Absence: The Poetry Of Antigone Kefala

Hal Colebatch
Notes Of A Neo-Neanderthal: Egypt And Israel

Ken Searle
Mount Olympus In Australia

George Seddon
Two Centres Of Excellence In The Mediterranean

Ros Pesman
Some Australian Italies

Gaetano Rando
The Bush And The Outback Through Italian Eyes

Igor Maver
The Mediterranean In Mind: Bert Pribac, A Slovene Poet In Australia


Sam Pickering
George Seddon, “Searching For The Snowy”

Van Ikin
K.K. Seet, “Death Rites, Tales From A Wake”

Sally Scott
Amanda Nettelbeck, Ed., “Provisional Maps: Critical Essays On David Malouf”

Antonio Casella
Osvaldo Bonutto, “A Migrant’s Story”

Kate Temby
Simone Lazaroo, “The World Waiting To Be Made”

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