Digital Archive

Westerly 39:3


Rosanne Dingli

Jessie Bate

Paddy O’Reilly

Bronwyn Licqurish
I Can Hear You

Ethel Webb Bundell
Night At The Office

Roslyn Mullins
The Way You Appear To Me


Brenton Doecke
Australian Historical Fiction And The Popular Front: Katharine Susannah Prichard’s Goldfields Trilogy

Horst Priessnitz
Dreams In Austerica: A Preliminary Comparison Of The Australian And The American Dream

Paul Gillen
The Last Man Of Letters?


Susan Ash
Jill Jones, ‘The Mask And The Jagged Star’, ‘Flagging Down Time’

David Mccooey
John Mateer, ‘Burning Swans’; Kate Llewellyn, ‘Crosshatched’

Georgia Richter
F. Sionil Jose, ‘Three Filipino Women’

Heather Neilson
Marian Eldridge, ‘The Wild Sweet Flowers: Alvia Skerritt Stories’

Tony Simoes da Silva
Adib Khan, ‘Seasonal Adjustments’


Andrew Burke
Martin R Johnson

Mary Bell
Jesse Lee Kercheval

Marion Campbell
Shane McCauley

Geoff Page
David Kelly

Mary Ward
Dorothy Williams

Wendy Jenkins
Chocolate Waters

Steve Evans
Ouyang Yu

Tanya Aquino
Tracy Ryan

Phil Mcmanus

James Simmons

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