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Westerly 39:2



Michael Ackland
The Iphigenia Complex: Repression and Empowerment in Australian Colonial Women's Verse

Veronica Brady
Reading Aboriginal Writing

Hal Colebatch
A Hard Freedom – The Poetry of Lee Knowles

Julie Carr
The Dancing Body – Somatic Expression in Elizabeth Jolley's Fiction


Tracy Ryan
A review of Dorothy Hewett's Peninsula

Gareth Griffiths
A review of The Penguin Book of Australian Ballads

Lucy Dougan
A review of Tracy Ryan's Killing Delilah

Shirley Walker
A review of Judith Wright: Collected Poems and The Flame Tree

Ross Fitzgerald
A review of Philip Neilsen's The Sting in the Wattle

Stephanie Green
A review of Shrieks – A Horror Anthology

Georgia Richter
A review of Carmel Bird's Not Now Jack, I'm Writing a Novel

Antonio Casella
A review of Giovanna Capone's Percorsi Immaginati

Cathy Greenfield and Peter Williams
A review of Ric Throssell's In a Wilderness of Mirrors


Anthony Lawrence
The Name, The Bird

Anthony Lawrence
Grenough Hamlet

Vivienne Plumb
Hill Hungry

Vivienne Plumb
Don't Snap Those Finger Bones at Me

Les Harrop

Eric Beach
grief house

Anna Brooks

Paul Hetherington

Paul Hetherington
Answering Love

David Ray
The Great Auden

Andrew Burke
Small Change

Jan Owen
Drawing Mermaids

Syd Harrex
Folio of Dreams

Jena Woodhouse
Whistle-stops on Anzac Eve

Roland Leach
The Girl Who Dreamed that the Meaning of Life began with the Letter 'I'


Fiona Crago
The Musings of Marion

Justin D’Ath

Margaret Betts
Private Matters

Joy Kilian
The Escaping Housewife

David Levell
Miranda Fair

Sarah French
Pale Sand, Dark Sand

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