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Westerly 39:1


Karen Van Ulzen
The Granny Killer

Lynn Daniel
Story Butties

Terry Tredrea
At Night The Enemy

Stephen James Carleton
Heinz’s Women

Quendryth Young
Static In Pink And Blue

John Griffin
Dreame, The Impossible Dreame

Frances Hardy
Going Back


Elizabeth Perkins
Katharine Grant Watson, The Artist’s Wife

Ric Throssell
The Stranger Fiction

Carmel Gaffney
This Country Is My Mind


David Gilbey
Four New Poets’

Veronica Brady
Robert Drewe, ‘The Picador Book Of The Beach’

Beate Josephi
Joan London, ‘Letter To Constantine’

Delys Bird
Elizabeth Jolley, ‘The Georges’ Wife’

Michael Denholm
Caroline Ambrus, ‘Australian Women Artists’


Susannah Vass
Jeff Guess

Graham Wood
R K Liversidge

Peter Bibby
Peter Hicks

Walter Vivian
Alan Close

Lynn Reeves
Kate O’Neill

Barbara Brandt
Alec Choate

Adrian Caesar
Ian Templeman

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