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Westerly 38:4



Koh Tai Ann
Crossing that little bridge into Asia, with the Ghost of Empire About Us': Australian fiction set in Southeast Asia

Bernard Cohen

Ron Blaber
Australian Travel Writing about Asia in the 20s and 30s

Ouyang Yu
Charles Cooper and the Representation of the Chinese in Australian Fiction

Graham Huggn
Transformations of the Tourist Gaze: India in Recent Australian Fiction

Creative Non-fiction

Kirpal Singh
Travelling Australia … A Personal Journey

Sang Ye


Delys Bird
A review of Debutante Nation: Feminism Contests The 1980s

Lucy Dougan
A review of Fontini Epanomitis' The Mule's Foal

Fen Liang
A review of Ding Xiaoqi's Maidenhome

Pamela Bagworth
A review of Paul Salzman's Helplessly Tangled In Female Arms and Legs: Elizabeth Jolley's Fictions

Andrew Taylor
A review of David Malouf's Remembering Babylon

Angeline O’Neill
A review of E.L. Grant Watson's The Nun and the Bandit

Veronica Brady
A review of Anne Kennedy's Musica Ficta


Hersri Setiawan

Hersri Setiawan
Fremantle Terzinas

Lesley Fowler
a second language

Fay Zwicky
On the Acquistion of Four Famous Chinese Novels for the Senior Library & Related Matters*

Kirpal Singh
For B.R. Aboriginal

Kirpal Singh
This Man

Kirpal Singh
Black and white

Kirpal Singh
Australian Landscape

Edwin Thumboo
Memories - 1

Edwin Thumboo
Memories - 3

Edwin Thumboo
York, Western Australia


Dewi Anggraeni
Music for Libretto

Joshua Wilson
Mulshi Lake

Brigid Lowry
Happy and in Love

Chris Doran
Christmas Cake

Shahnon Ahmad
My Friend Africa

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