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Westerly 38:3


John Douglas
The Far-Right Cubicle
Catherine Hassau
Eve And Adelphos

A.R. Roughley
The Woman Who Loved Her Axolotl

Brigid Lowry
Slow Afternoons With An Old Lady

Rose van Son
The City Square

Scott Mendham
There’s a Dog in my Window

Ian C. Smith

Andrea Gawthorne


Nigel Spence
Julian Croft And The Problem Of An Australian Diction

John Barnes
On Rereading And Misreading ‘Such Is Life’

Jome Brown
Mudrooroo’s ‘Doctor Wooreddy’s Prescription For Enduring The Ending Of The World’ And Robert Drewe’s ‘The Savage Crows’


Fay Zwicky
John Kinsella, ‘Full Fathom Five’

Jacqueline Lo
Chin Woon Ping, ‘Camellia Song’

Cathy Bennett
Carmel Bird, ‘The Common Rat’

Fiona Adolph
Ruth Park, ‘A Fence Around The Cuckoo’

Kieran Dolin
Nicholas Hasluck, ‘Offcuts: From A Legal Literary Life’


John Kinsella
Selwyn Pritchard
Dale Harcombe
Jennifer Harrison
Aileen Kelly
Joan Fox
Dane Thwaites
Chris Andrews
Alec Choate
Jean Kent
Sue Moss
Philip Harvey
Bert Almon
Brian Turner
Andrea Sherwood
Ian Templeman
Sallie Muirden
Elizabeth Smither

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