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Westerly 38:2



Brenton Doecke
P.R. Stephensen, Facism

Michael Ackland
A Martial Code: Meditation and Action in the Verse of Adam Lindsay Gordon


Michael Denholm
A review of Sandy Kirkby's Sight Lines, Women's Art and Feminist Perspectives in Australia

Beate Josephi
A review of Barbara Hanrahan's Michael and Me and the Sun

Susan Miller
A review of Philip Salom's Feeding the Ghost

Andrew Burke
A review of Nicolette Stasko's Abundance

Veronica Brady
A review of Kim Scott's True Country


Kirpal Singh

Kirpal Singh
The house

Diane Fahey
Butterflies on a Bush Trail

Hal Colebatch
Riverside Drive

Douglas Barbour
for 'Branch of almond tree in bloom' (1890):

Lawrence Bourke
Refectory Night-Cleaner

David Buchanan
1 in every 100

Bruce Dawe
Ward M4

Tanya Dalziell
Future Looks Like the Forties

Michael Heald
The Hair

R.G. Hay
Another of those obligatory poems

Stephen Gilfedder
Rainbow Fish Dreaming

Alan Urquhart
No Way Out of Dawn

Joan McBreen
A Walled Garden in Moylough

Joan McBreen


Carolyn Polizzotto
My Aunt's Story

Craig Scanlan
The Haggle

Carmel MacDonald-Grahame

Samantha Boswell

Pam Harvey
Lift Dreams

Steve Holden
Eternal Youth

Michelle Neal
The Baby Makers

Rose Moxham

Bruce L Russell
Nineteen Murri Words for Mother

Judy Seagar
Arthritis Ward

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