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Westerly 37:4



Evan Whitton
Royal Commissions: Meaning and Significance for Notions of Justice in Contemporary Australia

Graeme Turner
Making It Legal: Business, Law and the Local Hero

Robert Dixon
Closing the Can of Worms: Enactments of Justice in Bleak House, The Mystery of a Hansom Cab and The Tax Inspector

Kieran Dolin
Legal Fictions and Nicholas Hasluck's The Bellarmine Jug

John Foster
Truth, Justice and the Australian Way'

Alex Segal
The Annulled Gift and the Repression of Ethics

Brian Dibble and Margaret MacIntyre
Hybridity in Jack Davis' No Sugar

Creative Non-fiction

Nicholas Hasluck
House of Mirrors: Satire and the Law


Lawrence Bourke
A review of Bruce Bennett's Spirit In Exile: Peter Porter and his Poetry


Veronica Brady
A review of Bernard Cohen's Tourism

Michael Sharkey
A review of The Bird Catcher's Song: A Salt Anthology of Contemporary Poetry

Dennis Haskell
A review of Lawrence Bourke's A Vivid Steady State: Les Murray and Australian Poetry

Cathy Bennett
A review of Beth Yahp's The Crocodile Fury


Geoff Page
Decalogue in Double Voice

Helen Budge

D.M. Lumsden
Not just any P-Plater

Kathy Hunt
Hell: a Detail

Julie Hunt
Restoration of the Jawo

Andy Kissane
The Atrium, Hotel Inter-Continental

Phyllis Jager
At the Hospital

Stephen Magee
Collaborator suite

Geoffrey Hutchings
Johannesburg Wartime Childhood

Bruce Roberts


Kate O’Neill
My Friend, George

Hal Colebatch
The man in the picture

Lynette Keenan
Moving Boundaries

Ugo Rotellini
The Company She Keeps

Maria Gabor
The Fence

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