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Westerly 37:3



Myles Holloway
The Crisis of Liberalism in South African Theatre

Narelle Shaw
The Fellowship of Light and Darkness: David Foster's Moonlite

Richard Rossiter
"Thou oughtest to be mine": father and lover in Ethel Turner's Nicola Silver


Annette Stewart
A review of Joy Hooton's Herself When Young

Veronica Brady
A review of Helen Garner's Cosmo Cosmolino

Christopher Wortham
A review of Charles Edelman's Brawl Ridiculous: Swordfighting in Shakespeare's Plays

Lawrence Bourke
A review of Vincent O'Sullivan's Selected Poems

Amanda Nettelbeck
A review of Gail Jones' The House of Breathing


David Ray
To a Child of Baghdad

Philip Salom
Visiting the Cave

Sergie Timofeyev
White Heart

Teruko Anderson-Jones
Dancing Outside the Circle

Lyn McCredden
Nick's Poem

Vincent O’Sullivan
Play it again, Sam

Tom Shapcott
Meditation 4: Rhapsody in a Perth Parking Lot

Selwyn Pritchard

Kevin Murray

Ian Templeman
Above the River

Alec Choate
Dung Beetle

David Ray
Elegy for Rajiv

David Ray
A Moment Shared in Australia

David Ray

David Ray
The Ships in Sydney Harbour

David Ray
An Outing

Naikan Tao

Naikan Tao
The Lane

Graeme Wilson
The General's Plaque

Graeme Wilson
On Being a Concubine

Liane Shavian
Love Poem

Liane Shavian
Chute d'lcare selon Pieter Brueghel peasant painter

Silvia Cuevas
I have lost my appetite

Judy Ray

Judy Ray
Centenarians of Dunedin, New Zealand

Judy Ray

Judy Ray
Shampooing the Farmers

Judy Ray
In the Formal Gardens

Judy Ray
Summer Procrastination

Olive Pell
What I knew of Mollie Skinner

Diane Beckingham

Tony Esolen
John the Jeweller Fails As Usual to Clean Up Before Opening for Business

William Stafford

Jennifer Compton
James K. Sat at My Table

Kate Conyingham
For Roz

Tracy Ryan
They Left These Clothes

Shane McCauley
But Faust Was Damned…


Cathy Cupitt
Play Shadow Plague

Rosanne Musu

Maurilia Meehan
Seven Across

Judith O’Donnell
The Closed Shop

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