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Westerly 37:2



Veronica Brady
To Be Or Not To Be? The Verbal History of Patrick White


Bruce Bennett
An Interview with AndrĂ¡s Domahidy

Barbara Williams
An Interview with Les A. Murray

Marion Dixon
A Conversation with Julie Lewis


Joy Hooton
A review of Julie Lewis' Olga Masters: A Lot of Living

John Kinsella
A review of Gig Ryan's Excavation

Julie Lewis
A review of Heather Grace's Heart of Light

Lawrence Bourke
A review of The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Poetry

Andrew Burke
A review of Alan Alexander's Principia Gondwana

Marilyn Anthony
A review of Tim Winton's Cloudstreet

K.K. Ruthven
A review of The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Poetry


Steel Pills
Stephen Forster

Andrew Lansdown

Adrian Caesar
Bathroom Matins

Neil O’Sullivan
Ode on a Grecian Ern Malley

Edith Speers
Out of the Nursery Rhymes

Edith Speers
Out of the Nursery Rhymes (2)

Francis Healy
Temples in the Huon

Elizabeth Riddell
The City

Graeme Wilson
Who's There?

Graeme Wilson

Paul Hetherington
Berryman, Jarrell, Roethke, Lowell

Paul Hetherington
Seurat's Bathers, Asniers

Andrew Burke
Winding The Clock Back

Jeff Klooger
The Grave-Digger

Shane McCauley
Strindberg Taking His Last Walk, April 1912

David Sumner
All The Courtesies


Bronwyn Rodden
A Sensation of Falling

Pat Jacobs
Missa Cantata

Angela Seward

Sarah Rossetti
A Man Answering the Description

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