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Westerly 37:1



Beth Watzke
Writing the West: Regionalism and Western Australia

Sue Gillett
The Well: Beyond Representation, the Active Space of Desire and Creativity

Satendra Nandan
Nationalism and Literature*


E.A. Travers
On The Philosophical: An Interview with David Foster


John Maddocks
A review of Glass Reptile Breakout

Ian Adam
A review of Gerald Murnane's Velvet Waters

Jennifer Bridge
A review of A Human Pattern: Selected Poems and Flame and Shadow: A Study of Judith Wright's Poetry

Peter Cowan
A review of Christopher Richard's There Were Three Ships

Susan McKernan
A review of Elizabeth Jolley: New Critical Essays

Werner Senn
A review of Rosemary Dobson's Collected Poems


Roland Leach
The Suburbs of Troy

Anthony Lawrence
The Terminal

Anna Kellas
Where In The World…

Shane McCauley

Shane McCauley
Internal Enquiry

Shane McCauley
Patrick White

Diane Beckingham
The Urban View of Jeffrey Smart

Eric Beach
a map of australia

Bruce Dawe

Bruce Dawe
After The Game

Philip Harvey
The Political Football

Philip Harvey
The Crimson Highheels

David P. Reiter
Moon Man, Sun Woman

Jean Kent

Alamgir Hashmi
Napoleon's Clock

Alamgir Hashmi
E. F. L.

Diane Fahey

Diane Fahey
Orpheus in the Underworld

Lawrence Bourke

Hal Colebatch
Thoughts in Canberra

Debbie Robson

John Malone
The Auction

John Kinsella
Hoppers and Gargoyles

Phyllis Jager
So Goes the Day

Virginia Bernard
The Mr Whippy Route

Frances Healy
Little Things

Saxby Pridmore
Kaesong River, 1952

Selwyn Pritchard
Joining the Imperial Bourgeoisie

Rory Steele

Dong Jiping
Three Grass Leaves from Japan


Fiona Crago

Pam Harvey
Rabbit Bones on a Northbound Road

Iseult Yeates
The Unbearable Weightiness of Obsession

Rose Moxham
Waiting In The Parlour

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