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Westerly 36:3



Dennis Haskell
"My rather tedious hero": A Portrait of Kenneth Slessor

Frank Palmos
Kenneth Slessor—A view from knee-high, 1955-1959

Gerry Turcotte
"Speaking the Formula of Abjection:" Hybrids and Gothic Discourses in Louis Nowra's Novels

Antonella Riem
Autobiography of Fiction? Patrick White's Memoirs of Many in One


Amanda Nettelbeck
A review of Elizabeth Jolley's Cabin Fever

Veronica Brady
A review of John Barnes' The Order of Things: A Life of Joseph Furphy

Dennis Haskell
A review of Satendra Nandan's The Wounded Sea

Diane Fahey
A review of Shane McCauley's The Butterfly Man

Sandy Toussaint
A review of Going It Alone? Prospects for Aboriginal Autonomy

John Kinsella
A review of Fay Zwicky's Ask Me

Igor Maver
A review of Michael Wilding's Great Climate


Rita Tognini
Marco Polo Bridge, Beijing, 1985

Jena Woodhouse
Abandoned Village

Vera Newsom
Four Tankas

Jan Owen
The Kiss

David P. Reiter
The River Under Kwai Bridge

Lawrence Bourke
Walking Through the Mall

David McCooey

Philip Salom
The Venetian Twins

Philip Salom
Driving Through Malaysia

Jill Jones
Flagging down time

Jill Jones
Like Dante in the library

Andrew Leggett
Get A Woman For It

Vera Newsom
Untitled Poem

Anthony Lawrence
The Woman and the Shouting Man

Lauris Edmond

Lauris Edmond
5 p.m. December 29

Rod Moran
A Dream of My Brother on the Oil Rig

Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Debbie Robson
The Cats will Come


Shirley Blake
Sketches from a Journey

Archimede Fusillo
To Journey's End

Gail Bell
Urgent English

P.M. Marsh
The Web

Catherine Conzato
Muriel's Decline

Lesley Stern
And Then The Lights Come Up

L.G. Perera
Call You Falling

Steve Conte
A Comic Treatment

Margaret Betts
Broken Slats

Yve Louis
Prose Suite

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