Digital Archive

Westerly 36:1


David Reiter
Akha Night Market

Justin D’ Ath
Freshwater Crocodiles

Cathy Prokhovnik
The Extra Delicacy Of Freshness

Carol Mara
Dirty Linen

Andrew Burke
Skin Deep

Susan Storm
Necklace Of Tears

Maxine Moreland
A Song For The Singing


Ian Adam
The Referentiality Of The Deconstructed: Gerald Murnane’s ‘The Plains’

Veronica Brady
An Approach To Vigilance: The Politics Of ‘The Country Without Music’


Lurline Stuart
Richard D. Jordan, Peter Pierce, Eds., ‘Tthe Poets’ Discovery’

Trudi Tate
David Brooks, ‘The Sheep And The Diva And Other Stories’

Bob White
Ken Goodwin And Alan Lawson, Eds., ‘The Macmillan Anthology Of Australian Literature’

Peter Cowan
Dorothy Green Ed., ‘Descent Of Spirit: Writings Of E.l. Grant Watson’

Sara Dowse
Beverley Farmer, ‘A Body Of Water’

Hal Colebatch
Anthony Lawrence, ‘Dreaming In Stone’

Roland Leach
Alison Hoddinott Ed., ‘Gwen Harwood, Blessed City: Letters To Thomas Riddell 1943’


Dorothy Hewett
Heather Cam

Warrick Wynne
Lesley Fowler

John Kinsella
Bruce Dawe

Margaret Barbalet
Kristopher Saknussemm

Faye Davis
Stephen Hall

Bill Schaffer
Stephanie Bennett

Diane Beckingham
Mark Miller

Nicolette Stasko
Ian Templeman

Virgina Bernard
Matcham Caine

Connie Barber
Winifred Weir

Roland Leach
Michael Spindler

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