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Westerly 35:3



Robert Drewe
Into the Desert for Once

W.H. New
Rearticulating West

David Hough
Australian Provincialism Writ Large*

Andrew Ross
Theatre in the West

David Kerr
Portraying the Aboriginal People: the role of "Aboriginal and Islander Identity"

Michael Ackland
Towards "The Shadow": Henry Kendall and the mid-century Crisis of Faith

Delys Bird
Australian Studies Roundup


Kieran Dolin
A review of Aboriginal Culture Today

Paul Kovesi
A review of Andras Domahidy's Shadows and Women

Mudrooroo Narogin
A review of Postmodernism: A Consideration of the Appropriation of Aboriginal Imagery

Terri-ann White
A review of Shirley Geok-lin Lim's Modern Secrets

Bob Hodge and Vijay Mishra
A review of Mudrooroo Narogin's Writing from the Fringe

Michael Heald
A review of Tom Flood's Oceana Fine

Bruce Bennett
A review of Giovanna Capone's Incandescent Verities: The Fiction of Hal Porter

Veronica Brady
A review of Pat Lowe with Jimmy Pike's Jilji: Life in the Great Sandy Desert


Nicolette Stasko

John Kinsella
Magpie Larks

Andrew Burke
warble orble ardle oodle

Steve Evans

Peter Porter
An Address to the Stars

Peter Porter
Memorandum to my Daughters

Peter Porter
Vecchio Libro, Senti

Peter Porter

Robert Gray
The Girls

Robert Gray

Robert Gray

Robert Gray
"Out rowing…"

Christopher Kelen
Socialism in one Poem

Peter Rose
The Classicist's Birthday Tribute

Peter Rose

Harry Aveling
Sleeping Platform

Harry Aveling
4th December 1984

Harry Aveling
Mogul Night Flute-Music

Graeme Wilson
At Ofu Bay

Graeme Wilson
Potential Bodhisattva

Chin Woon Ping
Love in the Afternoon

Chin Woon Ping
Some Women Say

Chin Woon Ping
To My Second Aunt

David P. Reiter
Good Morning, Bangkok

David P. Reiter
Washing Her Back

David P. Reiter
Fighting Beetles

Heather Cam

Heather Cam
Haiku: Night-gift

Shirley Geok-Lin Lim
To a Poet Who Died Young

Penelope Layland
Cave of Fishes

Michael Dugan
Remembering Charles Buckmaster

Kathielyn Job

Debra Stokes

Selwyn Pritchard
Hegemony in a Country Churchyard

Terry Harrington
A Pink Christmas

Carol Seitzer
Cab Fare

Jean Kent

Andrew Lansdown
The Spider Orchids


Gloria Frydman

Lorraine O’Brien
Alla prima

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