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Westerly 35:1



John McLaren
The Power of the Word: Salman Rushdie and The Satanic Verses

Helen Watson-Williams
Finding a father: a reading of Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses


C.D. Yeabsley
Interview with Bruce Dawe


Graeme Turner
A review of The Penguin New Literary History of Australia

Lawrence Bourke
A review of Thomas Shapcott's Selected Poems 1956-88

Neil Roper
A review of Robert Adamson's The Clean Dark

Leigh Dale
A review of Jack Davis: A Life Story and John Pat and Other Poems

Margot Luke
A review of EXPRESSWAY

Van Ikin
A review of Brian Matthews' Quickening and Other Stories

Veronica Brady
A review of Bill Neidjie's Story About Feeling


Jill Jones
Storm window

Jill Jones
The silence of the suburbs

Paul Hetherington

Timoshenko Aslanides

Shane McCauley
South Beach

Christopher Houston
A Farmhouse Burning

Christopher Houston
For Words Are Wise Men's Counters

Matthew Schulz

Diane Fahey
Cross-Country Walk

Les A. Murray
The Ballad of the Barbed Wire Ocean

Francis Healy
Coming Down

Lawrence Bourke

Lauris Edmond
The problems of the articulate middle classes

Lauris Edmond
Death by Accident

Ron Pretty
Show Time

Ron Pretty
Ned Kelly takes his love to the beach

David P. Reiter
Skiing Bush Lake

Carol Seitzer
Fat Loose Thighs

Elizabeth Smither
Miriam's wedding dress

Graeme Wilson

Leon Slade
Against the Glass


Christine Godfrey
Something is Lost

Nikki Gemmell
On and On

Tara Aurakzai

Anthony Curran
Not Breaking Glass

Anthony Curran
Demolition Job

Anthony Curran

Lucy Jean Mrozik
Doves Calling

Louise Davenport
The Hollow Axis

Michelle West
The Lost Friend

Adriana Ellis
The Courtship of Louisa O'Farrell

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