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Westerly 34:4



E. Ann Kaplan
Discourses of the Mother in Postmodern Film and Culture

Delys Bird
"Mother, I won't never go drovin'": Motherhood in Australian Narrative*

Kieran Dolin
Mater Dolorosa: War and Motherhood in Lucinda Brayford

Jennifer Strauss
Elegies for Mothers: Reflections on Gwen Hardwood's "Mother Who Gave Me Life" and Les Murray's "Three Poems in Memory of My Mother"

Brenda Walker
"Sweetest and Best in Womanhood"? Equivocal Representations of Maternity in Australian Women's Fiction

Sue Rowley
Inside the Deserted Hut: The Representation of Motherhood in Bush Mythology

Joan Kirkby
Barbara Baynton: An Australian Jocasta


Alan Urquhart
A review of WORDHORD: A Critical Selection of Contemporary Western Australian Poetry

Nadine Myatt
A review of Nicci Gerard's Into the Mainstream: How Feminism Has Changed Women's Writing

Ailsa G. Thomson Zainu’ddin
A review of Patricia Crawford and Myrna Tonkinson's The Missing Chapters: Women Staff at the University of Western Australia

Terri-ann White
A review of David Brooks and Brenda Walker's Poetry and Gender

Creative Nonfiction

Drusilla Modjeska
Extract from: Poppy: The Evidence*


Marion Campbell
Time Inside

Katherine Gallagher
Last Afternoon

Katherine Gallagher
September Afternoon, Jubilee Lake

Mary Dilworth
The Birth

Jan Kemp
Chagall Windows, Fraum├╝nster, Z├╝rich

Agnes Lam
My Cerebral Child

Wong Phui Nam
Prettiest of our Cousins

Jennifer Strauss
Son and Moon: Scenes from Maternal Life

Jennie Fraine
Crayon Communications

Joan Bartlett
Migrant Women Circa 1857


Marion Campbell
The Feral Queen

Carmel Bird
The Breast of the Black Madonna

Julie Lewis
Queen Bee

Elizabeth Jolley
My Mother's Visit

Margaret Packham Hargrave
Small Frame

Lorraine Bennett

Margo Daly
The Carnival of Animals

Sari Hosie
Chamber Music

Sari Hosie
Aquamarine and the Real Sea

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