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Westerly 34:3



Diana Brydon
New Approaches to the New Literatures in English

Patrick Hutchings
Miriam Stannage: Perception, 1968-1989 perceptive perceptions perceived

Carolyn Bliss
Transpositions: Patrick White's Most Recent Fiction


Michael Heald
Interview with Alec Choate


Veronica Brady
A review of Literature and The Aborigine In Australia and Black Words White Page

Pat Jacobs
A review of Anna Haebich's For Their Own Good: Aborigines and Government in the Southwest of Western Australia

Michael Heald
A review of Caroline Caddy's Beach Plastic


David Kelly
The Goddess and the Panther

David McCooey
Van Dieman's Land

David McCooey
On the Wallaby

David McCooey
A Nolan Retrospect

Anthony Lawrence
Hunger Strike

Anthony Lawrence
Christmas in Belfast

David Curzon
An Onion

Geoff Page
Middle Names

Terry Harrington
Letter from a Father

Andrew Lansdown

Tracy Ryan

Penelope Layland
In Clover

Margeret Fels
From the Hotel Lounge

Lawrence Bourke
The Waiting Room

Michael Haig
The Backs of Buildings

Diane Fahey
From the Cliffs

Mike Greenacre
The Chair Rocker

Suman K. Kapoor
Doodling & Dreaming

Hal Colebatch
The Nymphe

Ross Clark
The Stationmaster's Watch

Paris Flammonde
Be Careful When You Walk the Land

Graeme Hetherington
For James McAuley

Shane McCauley
The Stirrup Cup

Paul Hetherington
Dinner at Eight

Christopher Mooney
An Old Flame


Joan London
The Inlet

Helen Garlick
A Distant Cluster of Stars

Andrew Goldsmith
Childhood Deceits

Adrian Weston
Cold on the Street's Warm Side

Scot Snow
The Human Condition

Beth Yahp

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