Digital Archive

Westerly 34:2


P.A. Gallasch
The Visit

Christine Godfrey
Worlds Within Worlds

Amanda Gome
In Pursuit Of Anin

Anne Seymour
The Woman Next Door


Ron Blair
Yeats Lights The Candles

John Mccallum
Irish Memories And Australian Hopes: William Butler Yeats And Louis Esson

Vincent O’Sullivan
Singing Mastery: The Poetics Of Vincent Buckley

Mudrooroo Narogin (Colin Johnson): An Interview With Ron Rudolphy And John Williamson


Lawrence Bourke
Arthur Boyd And Peter Porter, ‘Mars’

Margot Luke
Penelope Hetherington (ed.), ‘Childhood And Society In Western Australia’

Trudi Tate
Dorothy Johnson, ‘Maralinga, My Love: A Novel’

Alan Urquhart
Robert Gray, ‘Piano’

Alan Urquhart
Peter Kocan, ‘Flies Of A Summer’


Virginia Bernard
Simon Brown

Rosemary Dobson
Conal Fitzpatrick

Geoff Goodfellow
Stephen Hall

Paul Hetherington
Jan Kemp

Jean Kent
Peter Kirkpatrick

Stephen Magee
Jennifer Maiden

Shane Mccauley
Brian Moon

Rod Moran
Jan Owen

M.E. Patti Walker
Olive Pell

David Reiter
Carol Seitzer

Knute Skinner
Andrew Taylor

Richard Kelly Tipping
Gerry Turcotte

Graeme Wilson
John Winter

Wong Phui Nam
Warrick Wynne

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