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Westerly 33:4


Anne Casey
Moet And Chandon

Adriana Ellis

Sari Hosie
The Summer Before/The Seahorse

Chris Mclrod
Girl On A Swing

Shelley O’reilly
Lily: The Very Shape And Image Of Love

Margaret Packham-Hargraves
The Chiffonier

Janet Shaw
Breathing Up To Heaven

Michael Spindler
Thompson’s Testimony

Doreen Sullivan
Kaepwah 1979


George Seddon
On ‘the Road To Botany Bay’

Gwen Harwood: An Interview With Barbara Williams

Philip Salom: An Interview With Barbara Williams


Julie Lewis
Margaret Barbalet And Others, ‘Canberra Tales’

Julie Lewis
Carolyn Polizzotto, ‘Approaching Elise’

Pippa Tandy
Marion Campbell, ‘Not Being Miriam’

Alan Urquhart
Les A. Murray, ‘The Daylight Moon’


Andrew Burke
Andrew Lansdown

Chin Woon Ping
Penelope Layland

Sarah Day
Asa Lr Tourneau

Stephen Hall
Chris Mansell

Diana Kan
Nicolette Stasko

Jean Kent
Graeme Wilson

Lee Knowles
Derek Wright

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