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Westerly 33:3


Carolyn Bell
It’s The Least She Can Do

Carmel Bird
A Place For Everything

G.D. Bolton
And It Sounds Like The Real Thing

Barbara Brandt
Sister Cuckoo

Jan Kemp
The Man From Angola

Rosanne Musu

Vincent O’Sullivan

Karen Van Ulzen
Operator 1493 


Noel Macainsh
A Fair Menace – Images Of Womanhood In Early Australian Poetry

Alan Urquhart
Objectivity And Other Stances In The Poetry Of Robert Gray


Delys Bird
Kate Grenville ‘Joan Makes History’

Kevin Brophy
Rodney Hall ‘Kisses Of The Enemy’

Kevin Brophy
Gerald Murnane ‘Inland’

Richard Nile
Brian Matthews ‘Louisa’

Niland Stewart
William Shakespeare ‘Henry IV, Part I’

Brenda Walker
Elizabeth Jolley ‘The Sugar Mother’


Stefanie Bennett
Arthur Lindley

Lawrence Bourke
Elly Mcdonald

Robert Bowie
Donald Moore

Stephen Edgar
Geoff Morris

Diane Fahey
Selwyn Pritchard

Michael Heald
Margaret Scott

Graeme Hetherington
Rory Steele

Anthony Lawrence

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