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Westerly 33:2



Peter Cowan
Gold and the Novel: Western Australia in the 1880s and 1890s

Dorothy Hewett
Silence, Exile and Cunning: the Poetry of Randolph Stow*

Kirsten Holst Petersen and Anna Rutherford
Sojourn in the Sky: Conventions of Exile in Philip Salom's Sky Poems*

Sandra Burchill
The Early Years of Katharine Susannah Prichard: The Growth of her Political Conscience

Veronica Brady
The Return of the Repressed: J.B. O'Reilly and the Politics of Desire

Cliff Gillam
Hesperian Varieties: New Western Australia Drama at the 1988 Festival of Perth

George Seddon
Cuddlepie and other Surrogates


Tom Gibbons
A review of P.A.E. Hutchings and Julie Lewis' Kathleen O'Connor: Artist in Exile

Vera Whittington
A review of Peter Cowan's Maitland Brown


Ross Buncle
The Garden of Weeds

Yu-Li Hu
Room for One

Rodney Goodbun
The Wanderer

Stephen Faulds
Johnny Snowball

Geraldine Wooller
God is Merciful

Chris McLeod

Glyn Parry
Across the Tracks

Marion Campbell
Not Being Miriam

Joan Fox

Julie Lewis

Creative Nonfiction

Elizabeth Jolley
Easter Moon Easter Lily


Alec Choate
Two Views of the Milky Way

Alec Choate
Roadside Grave

Alec Choate
Vietnamese Refugee Woman

Diane Beckingham
To The Goldfields

Diane Beckingham
A Vase of Fresh Fish

Faye Davis
Things Visible and Things Invisible

Faye Davis

Faye Davis
Colour of Hide

Faye Davis

Faye Davis
Pelican, Matilda Bay

Faye Davis

Faye Davis
Othello to Desdemona

Asa Le Tourneau

Shane McCauley
St Judas

Rosemary Buss
Twenty One

Kay Borman

Andrew Lansdown
Quatrains, Swan Valley

Andrew Lansdown
Five Tanka

Philip Salom
Front-end Loader

Philip Salom
After Dinner Music

Philip Salom

Dennis Schofield

Dennis Schofield
On some sunny breakfasts in the kitchen,

Paul Hetherington
The Letter

Paul Hetherington
Finding Loneliness

Dorothy Hewett

Joyce Parkes
Miner miens

Roland Leach
A 7 o'clock sun

Roland Leach
The Brothers Bagadjimbiri

Hal Colebatch
Tewkesbury Abbey

Hal Colebatch
Going Back

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