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Westerly 3:3

Viewpoint—Talking Shop

George Kerr
Let’s Write For Television

Sir Douglas Copland
Prospect For Development

Peter Jeffery
London Cemetery (Poem)

John Barnes
Writer And Critic

Leaves In The Wind

Ellen Harrison
Girls In A Cafe (Story)

Norman Horrocks
What Future For Cyprus?

Joseph Jones
Poetry -Reassurance

Ian Mudie
Winter Landscape

David Bradley
Angry Yoxjng Drama (Part II)

Peter Jeffery
On Young Writing

Christopher M. Jay
White Australia—Necessity Or Folly?


John Meddemmen
The Angry Decade (Allsop)

David Nicholas
The Sunlit Plain (Williamson)

J. Medcalf
Poems Of David Martin

Michael Lightowler
Snowball (Casey)


Ronald Bodycoat(cover)

Non Cadwgan

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