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Westerly 32:4

Australian Expatriates   

Glenda Adams
Beyond The Turkey Gobblers

Bernard Hickey
Gifts Of Passage

Peter Porter
An Expatriate’s Reaction To His Condition

Anna Rutherford
Not One Of The Jacks

Geoffrey Smart
Excerpt From A Letter

Harold Stewart
Excerpt From A Letter

Richard Kelly
Tipping Interviews Harold Stewart

Randolph Stow
Excerpt From A Letter

Anne Wienholt
Playing Scrabble Against Yourself

Peter Brook Interviewed By David Britton
Theatre, Popular And Special – The Mahabharata


Judith Fox
India Song


Noel Macainsh
The Art Of Compromise – Christina Stead’s For Love Alone


Veronica Brady
V.K. Daniels, B.H. Bennett And H. Mcqueen, Windows Onto Worlds: Studying Australia At Tertiary Level

Gwen Harwood
Dorothy Hewett, Alice In Wormland


Peter Porter
Edwin Thumboo

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