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Westerly 32:3


Marion Campbell
From Ariadne’s Yarn

Marion Halligan
The Hanged Man In The Garden

Pat Jacobs
The Chrysoprase Plain

Dennis Maxwell
The Clothes Line

Chris Mcleod
The Nature Of Cats


Elizabeth Lawson
‘Oh Don’t You Remember Black Alice?’ Or How Many Mothers Had Norman Shillingsworth?

Sean Monahan
Poor Fellow My Country: A Question Of Genre


Nene Gare
Sally Morgan, My Place

Patricia Crawford
Audrey Longbottom, The Solitary Islands

Vera Newsom
Shane Mccauley, Deep-sea Diver

Paul Hetherington
Joan London, Sister Ships

Andrew Lynch
John Macgregor, Propinquity

Veronica Brady
Graeme Turner, National Fictions: Literature, Film And The Construction Of Australian Narrative

Trudi Tate
Tim Winton, Minimum Of Two

Graeme Kinross Smith
Brother George


Jean Kent
Michael Alexander

Peter Porter
David Buchanan

Elizabeth Smither
John Griffin

Graeme Wilson
Terry Harrington

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