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Westerly 32:2



Richard Harland
Gunther Frick: A Critical and Biographical Survey

Andrew Taylor
A Blameless Boyhood: Australian Poetry about the Great War

Peter Pierce
Weary with travelling through realms of air…': Romance fiction of 'Boldrewood', Haggard, Wells and Praed


Veronica Brady
A review of Colin Johnson's The Song Circle of Jacky and Selected Poems

Kevin Brophy
A review of Peter Murphy's The Moving Shadow Problem

Niall Lucy
A review of Gerald Murnane's Landscape With Landscape

Brenda Walker
A review of Robert Drewe's Fortune

Peter Pierce
A review of Fay Zwicky's The Lyre in the Pawnshop: Essays on Literature and Survival 1974-1984


Eric Beach
there's no old men in jazz

Eric Beach
in th 50's

Eric Beach
in th 60's

Eric Beach
in th 70's

Fiona Place
Waiting rooms; their tea cupped Kindness

Diane Fahey

Vera Newsom

Sarah Day

Sarah Day
Slow Breaststroke

Stephen Hall
Oral History

Graham Rowlands
How Many Laps?

Timoshenko Aslanides
Coral Gum

Kim Scott
In Perspective

Kim Scott
Our Father, Koo-ee-lung

Shane McCauley
Only a Dream

Shane McCauley

Shane McCauley
Old City, Rhodes

David Winwood

Fay Zwicky
For Jim

Jean Kent
Now That the Rain has Gone

Jean Kent
Carol is Trying to Cry

David Buchanan
On Poetry: An Argument

Peter Kirkpatrick
The Tough Guys Tumble

Michael Heald
Impression of a Student Bedsit

Elly McDonald

Warrick Wynne

Rachael Offer
The Smell of Mushrooms

Lauris Edmond
The Written Word

Lauris Edmond

Rory Steele
Remember How We Will Be Children

Rory Steele
The Crow and the Baby

Bruce Dawe
"Last seen 12.10 a.m…."


Michael Dugan
Shadow Boxer

Barbara Brandt
The Dark

Raymond Allan
Can-Can For Two on a Hot Winter's Night

Mary Anne Baartz
"Just A Literary Fart…"

Geoffrey Bewley
A student of the dance

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