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Westerly 32:1


Adriana Ellis
Us And Them

Penny Lee
Scape Goat

Julie Lewis
American Doubles

Peter Loftus
The Evening Star

Rosaleen Love
The Sea-serpent Of Sandy Cape

Dave Metzenthen
A Birthday Present For Briony

Sandra Moore
The Boy From The Dark Street

Doreen Sullivan
Julian Dances, Mama


Graeme Kinross Smith
Coming Late Into The Light: George Johnston

Peter Porter
Working With Arthur Boyd


Barbara Chapman
Hendrik Kolenberg, Lloyd Rees

James Legasse
Caroline Caddy, Letters From The North

Colette Warbrick
John Scott, Landscapes Of Western Australia


Diane Beckingham
Fiona Place

Lauris Edmond
Andrew Sant

Philip Hodgins
L.K. Wakeling

Anthony Lawrence
M.E. Patti Walker

Shane Mccauley

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