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Westerly 32:1



Graeme Kinross Smith
Coming Late Into the Light—Our Brother George and the Johnston Story as Recent Australian History

Peter Porter
Working with Arthur Boyd


Jim Legasse
A review of Caroline Caddy's Letters From the North

Colette Warbrick
A review of John Scott's Landscapes of Western Australia

Barbara Chapman
A review of Hendrik Kolenberg's Lloyd Rees Etchings and Lithographs: A Catalogue Raisonné


Andrew Sant

Diane Beckingham
Photographic Exhibition

Diane Beckingham

Anthony Lawrence
Jack and the Beanstalk

Fiona Place
Phone S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g

M.E. Patti Walker
A Taxidriver's Liturgy

M.E. Patti Walker
Madam Fangio

Lauris Edmond

Shane McCauley
The Beast

Philip Hodgins
The Haystack

Shane McCauley
The Tower

Louise Katherine Wakeling
Al-Qahirah (The Victorious)

Louise Katherine Wakeling
Occam's Razor


Julie Lewis
American Doubles

Doreen Sullivan
Julian Dances, Mama

Penny Lee
Scape Goat

Peter Loftus
The Evening Star

Rosaleen Love
The Sea-Serpent of Sandy Cape

Dave Metzenthen
A Birthday Present For Briony

Adriana Ellis
Us and Them

Sandra Moore
The Boy From the Dark Street

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