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Westerly 3:1



Warwick Wilson
Viewpoint on Do We Wake or Dream?

F. H. Mares
The Science Fiction Writer as Critic

J. Meddemmen
Blimps, Books and Bunyips

Ronald Taft
America Post-Sputnik

E. W. Titterton
Is Nuclear Disarmament Feasible?

Fred Alexander
Has Australia a Distinctive Foreign Policy?

John Yocklunn
The Art of Chih Pai-shih

F. B. Vickers
Can We Assimilate the Aborigine?

Alan Barcan
Problems Facing the Australian Universities


M. Hill
The Aesthete

Jean Lang
The Crisis: Greater Love


Douglas Legge
One Man's Breakfast


George Seddon
A review of Randolph Stow's Act One: Poems

D. E. Hutchison
A review of Frederick T. Macartney's Australian Literary Essays

Axel Kruse
A review of Judah Waten's Shares in Murder

R. W. Smith
A review of Richard Beynon's The Shifting Heart

Bill Hartley
A review of Jiro Osaragi's Homecoming

Beverley Noldt
A review of Vance Palmer's The Passage

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