Digital Archive

Westerly 3:1

F. H. Mares
Viewpoint—Do We Wake Or Dream?

The Science Fiction Writer As Critic

Such Is Life!

John Meddemmen
Blimps, Books And Bunyips

Douglas Legge
One Man’s Breakfast (Story)

M. Hill
The Aesthete (Poem)

Current Affairs

Dr. R. Taft, Prof. E. W. Titterton, Prof. Fred Alexander

John Yocklunn
The Art Of Chih Pai-Shih

Leaves In The Wind

Jean Lang
The Crisis: Greater Love (Poem)

F. B. Vickers
Can We Assimilate The Aborigine?

Alan Barcan
Problems Facing Australian Universities


George Seddon
Act One (Randolph Stow)

D. E. Hutchison
Australian Literary Essays (Macartney)

Axel Kruse
Shares In Murder (Waten)

R. W. Smith
The Shifting Heart (Beynon)

Bill Hartley
Homecoming (Osaragi)

G. Noldt
The Passage (Palmer)


John Wilson (Cover)

Elizabeth Durack

Editorial Board

J. D. Legge, N. Donaldson, R. Macdonald-Taylor

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