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Westerly 30:3


Carolyn Bell
The Dream

Glenys Collis
The Last Judgement

Chris Hanlon
The Mother And The Cat

Julie Lewis

Anna Bianke
The Greatest Of Herbs


Peter Kirkpatrick

Robyn Rowland

Neil Paech

Carole Wilkins

Paul Fahey

John Griffin

Fiona Place

Irene Wettenhall

Anthony London

Shane McCauley


The Convicts

Frank Broeze
Introduction: The Convict Experience And Australian Society

Pamela Stratham
Origins And Achievement: Convicts And The Western Australian Economy

Rica Erickson
What It Was To Be An Ex-Convict In Western Australia

N Oelene Reeves
This Is His Mark: Convicts And Literacy In Colonial Western Australia

Barry Dyster
A New View- Convicts As Working People

David Brooks
Reading Poetry


Brenda Walker
David Malouf, Antipodes

Veronica Brady
C.J. Koch, The Doubleman

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