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Westerly 30:2


Ann Granat
A Bitter Love

Joan London
The Girls Love Each Other

Carolyn Bell
Space Invaders

Silvana Gardner
Peas Make The Man

Peter Loftus
The Long Cloud

Beth Spencer
The Purple Flower

Johannes Ambrose
Man Beaten To Death By Gang


Richard Douglas
Jordan Adam Lindsay Gordon: The Australian Poet

Elizabeth Jolley
Over The Escarpment: Horace In The Southern Hemisphere

Elizabeth Lawson
A Rather Prosaic Australian Wife, Or The Fortunes Of Mary Mahony


Jim Legasse, Veronica Brady
In A Critical Condition – Two Responses To John Docker

Helen Watson-Williams
Randolph Stow, The Suburbs Of Hell


Rod Moran
D.J. Wright

Bary Dowling
R.G. Hay

Chin Woon Ping
Erron Adams

Sarah Day
Andrew Lansdown

Nicholas Hasluck
Ross Fitzgerald

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