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Westerly 29:2



Noel Macainsh
Point-of-view and Consequent Naturalism in the Novels of Henry Handel Richardson

Bruce Bennett
Concepts of 'the West' in Canadian and Australian Literary Studies*

Gillian Whitlock
Queensland: the state of the art on 'the last frontier'

Peter Cowan
J. M. Harcourt and the Nineteen-Thirties


John Webb
A review of poetry by Robert Drewe, Beverly Farmer, James McQueen, Frank Moorhouse and Bruce Pascoe

Shane McCauley
A review of Philip Salom's The Projectionist

Ross Bennett
A review of Strephyn Mappin's Chiaroscuro

Helen Watson-Williams
A review of Robert Pascoe's Western Australia's Capital Suburb, Peppermint Grove


Rory Harris
I recall holding strands of your hair

Rory Harris
smash & grab

Colleen Burke
Given the Odds

Jenny de Garis
Moon over Mullalyup

Penny Lee
Coming to Broome

Diane Fahey

Mike Greenacre
Proverbial Sojourn

Alec Choate
Wittecarra Creek

Alec Choate
Odalisque with Red Trousers

Elly McDonald

Rory Steele
It Still Seems Odd Sometimes

Carole Wilkins

Graeme Hetherington
Christmas Eve

Graeme Hetherington
Renison Bell (8)

R. B. Soaba
Port Moresby in High Savannah

R. B. Soaba

R. B. Soaba
Houses Over Water

R. B. Soaba
Before the Wall

John Heywood

Michael Dugan
Spin any coin

Margaret Scott
Walking to Cape Raoul

Elly McDonald

Carole Wilkins

R. G. Hay
Once I might have written a love poem

Stephen Edgar
The Fitting

Elizabeth Smither
On first taking on an animal


Geoffrey Bewley
East is East

James Whitelaw
A Friend in the Square

Norald Lovsak
Mr. McVey's Mantra

Anne Maree Wilshire
The Feminist and the Catepillar

Julie Lewis

Pauline Larard
Monte Bello

Faye Davis
Paisley Print

David McGuigan

Jennifer Compton
The Man Who Died Twice


Kirpal Singh
Russell Soaba: An Interview

Creative Nonfiction

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
The Surreal Decade: Swaying in the Forties

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