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Westerly 29:1



David Headon
Going for the Whole Hog—John Dunmore Lang's Radical Republicanism and the American Connection

Adam Shoemaker
Sex and Violence in the Black Australian Novel

May-Brit Akerholt
Female figures in the Plays of Dorothy Hewett and Patrick White


Fay Zwicky
A review of The Younger Australian Poets

Charles Causley
A review of Fay Zwicky's Hostages

Van Ikin
A review of Dal Stivens' Jimmy Brockett


Shane McCauley
Ibis in a rose garden

Jeremy Tager
Stages of Assembly

Michael Sharkey
The Libertine

Arthur Lindley
The Intercession at West 79th

Arthur Lindley
Octavius Suppresses His Memoirs

Arthur Lindley
Vindice at Home—Revenger's Tragedy: 0.0.1-14

Arthur Lindley
Look Up

Andrew Lansdown
This Place

Francis King
Foot Feel

Martyn Wiley
Cycle Song

Martyn Wiley
Not to Scale

Jean Lang
It is time now

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
Under the roof of the World

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
We'll Build a Stairway to Paradise

Rory Harris
most days/other days

David Hutchison
Myres; Alexandria 340 A.D.

Marian De Saxe
Through the crowded bar

Peter Loftus
The Kiosk

Mark MacLeod
The Traffic Beyond the Glass

Paul K. Nay-Brock
Photographs of Grandfathers


Meryl Thompson
Taking the Bus

Glyn Parry
Saigon Daze

Sari Hosie
Freya's Man

Flora Smith
The Game

Margaret Houghton
A Piece of Silver Paper

Margaret Houghton

Giovanni Andreoni
The Farma

Graham Jackson
The Blanket

Graham Jackson
In Buckley's Cave

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