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Westerly 27:3



Diana Brydon
Barbara Hanrahan's Fantastic Fiction

Graeme Turner and Delys Bird
Australian Studies: Practice Without Theory*

G. C. Bolton
Court in Power*


Margot Luke
A review of Barbara Hanrahan's Dove

Lucy Frost
A review of The Newspaper of Claremont Street, The Same Old Story, and Double Exposure

Van Ikin
A review of John McLaren's Xavier Herbert's "Capricornia" and "Poor Fellow My Country"

Jan Pritchard
A review of Rodney Hall's Just Relations

Delys Bird
A review of Alan Alexander's Scarpdancer and Fay Zwicky's Journeys

Hal Colebatch
A review of David J. Lake's The Man Who Loved Morlocks

Helen Watson-Williams
A review of Tim Winton's An Open Swimmer


Elizabeth Smither
Animals who are entirely faithful

David Hutchison
Where are the Doves?

David Jacobs
Over and over'

Lucy Gibson
Geography Again

Simon Gipson

Dorothy Featherstone Porter
From the Nashville Poems

W. Green

Rosemary Dobson
The Eater of the Pomegranate Seeds

James Harrison

Nea Mallas
The Generations of Cain

Nea Mallas
Gatsby Who?

Rory Harris
house divorce

Tony Lintermans
The Unnecessary Yacht

Jenny Boult
listening to love songs on the radio too long


Jean Kent
Low Tide

Margaret Houghton
Silent White

Dianne Bates
The Op Shop Bride

C. J. Lennings
Taking Stock

Peter Loftus
The Wave

Pat Jacobs

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