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Westerly 27:1



Noel Macainsh
Aestheticism and Reality in the Poetry of Kenneth Slessor

Jim Legasse
Telling A Self: More on Moorhouse's Family

Veronica Brady
Yet another letter to Joseph Furphy

Hendrick Kolenberg
Printmaking in Western Australia


Bruce Bennett
Peter Porter in Profile

Tom Shapcott
An Interview with Michael Ondaatje*


Jim Legasse
A review of Thomas Shapcott's Stump & Grape & Bopplenut

Graeme Turner
A review of Veronica Brady's A Crucible of Prophets

Diana Brydon
A review of Margaret Atwood's Bodily Harm

Veronica Brady
A review of William Warnock's The Samurai Kites

Veronica Brady
A review of Patrick White's Flaws in the Glass: A Self-Portrait

Dorothy Collin
A review of Jan Carter's Nothing to Spare: Recollections of Australian Pioneering Women and A. B. Facey's A Fortunate Life


Rod Moran

W. Green
On Ski-ing

Cliff Gillam
Waiting for the Cyclone

Dudley De Souza
Watching Military Manoeuvres from a Library Window

Dudley De Souza
Laughing Buddha

Dudley De Souza
A Non-political Comment

Dudley De Souza
The Convert

Cliff Gillam
In Different Rooms

Robyn Rowland
One Time

Vera Newsom
Landscape and Figures

Peter Porter
The Castle in Sight

Peter Porter
An Exequy

Peter Porter
The Missionary Position

Peter Porter
Little Harmonic Labyrinth

Robyn Rowland

Michael Ondaatje
High Flowers

Carole Wilkins

Carole Wilkins
See-through Man


Moya Ellis

Helen Bulley
The Sick Child

P. A. Jacobs
Terry's Truck

Victor Kline
Student at Law

Rhonda Pelletier
Twilight to Dawn

Noel Macainsh
It was Difficult

Elizabeth Jolley
Hep Duck and Hildegarde the Meat

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