Digital Archive

Westerly 25:4


Moya Ellis

Peter Goldsworthy
Diary Of A Failed Assassin

Else Anderson
The Custodian

William Fraser
Wheels Within

Beverley Farmer

Judith Woodfall
Mad Aunty Maisie And The Malvern Star


Andrew Sant

Andrew Mcdonald

Bruce Dawe

John Wright

Judy Seager

Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Rod Moran

Translated Poems

Jean Kent
Hagiwara Sakutaro (1886-1942) -Translations From Japanese By Graeme Wilson


Andrew Peek
Tim Burstall’s ‘Kangaroo’


Writers And Their Audience 

Humphrey Mcqueen
The Writer’s Place In The Contemporary World

Stephen Murray-Smith
Radical Nationalism And Its Audience

Nancy Keesing
Responsibilities Of Writer And Critic

Review Articles

Helen Daniel
The Moral Faszad: The Novels Of Nicholas Hasluck

Helen Watson-Williams
Randolph Stow’s Suffolk Novel

Thomas Shapoott
Elizabeth Jolley’s Five Acre Hell


Jim Legasse
Frank Moorhouse, The Everlasting Secret Family

Delys Bird
Jessica Anderson, Tirra Lirra By The River

Van Ikin
Axeloark, Christopher Brennan: A Critical Biography

Susan Kobulniczky
Shirley Walker, The Poetry Of Judith Wright: A Search For Unity

Veronica Brady
Brian Kiernan, Patrick White

Cliff Gillam
Oive James, Unreliable Memoirs

Con Coroneos
Antonio Casella, Southfalia:An Allegorical Satire

Dorothy Oollin
Victoria Hobbs, But Westward Look

Bill Dunstone
Edgar Metcalfe, Garden Party

Don Anderson
Murray Bail, Homesickness

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