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Westerly 25:3


Richard Carey
The Crazy Tape

Strephyn Mappin
Overnight It Had Been Cold

Ugo Rotellini
To Discuss The Possibility Of

Julie Lewis
Double Exposure

Judith Woodfall
For Me, Baby   Preachers And Parties Are Not

Sue Gruszin
Dancing With The Ex

The Chess Players


James Harrison

Billy Marshall-Stoneking

Gig Ryan

Terence Tredrea

Anne Lloyd

Michael Robinson

Stephen Frampton

Nicholas Hasluck

Rod Moran

William Grono

Audrey Longbottom

Wendy Morgan


Graeme Kinross Smith
The Frequent Image Of Farms’- A Profile Of Les Murray

Literature And Cultural Identity

Darmanto Jatman

Kishori Charan Das

C. J. Koch

John Ryan
The Theatre Of Bob Herbert

George Seddon
The People Of Perth


Elizabeth Lawson Marsh
Rosemary Dobson-Selected Poems

Delys Bird
Barry Hill-Near The Refinery

Nola Adams
Elizabeth Harrower-Down In The City, The Long Prospect, The Catherine Wheel, The Watch Tower

Veronica Brady
A. A. Phillips-Responses: Selected Writings, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Toil And Spin

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