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Westerly 25:2


James Mcqueen
The Brown Passport

Elizabeth Jolley
Woman In A Lampshade

Michael Robinson
A Wedding

Meryl Thompson
The Tunnel

Rosita Dellios
Melayu Magic


John Fuerst

Winifred Belmont

Jenny Boult

Jill Dwyer

John Foulcher

Shirley Geok-Lin Lim

Peter Goldsworthy

Thomas Shapcott

Helen Jacobs

R.G. Hay

Zenon Pirga


John Mclaren
Colonial Mythmakers: The Development Of The Realist Tradition In Australian Literature

Helen Daniel
The Picaro In Disguise: The Novels Of Barry Oakley

Veronica Brady
Making Connections: Art, Life And Some Recent Novels

Noel Macainsh
Australian Literary History-Between Historicism And Autonomy

Leonie J. Kramer
Islands Of Yesterday: The Growth Of Literary Ideas

Writing In Western Australia  

Harry Heseltine
A Local Habitation: Literature Of Western Australia’s Sesquicentenary

Bruce Williams
Three Short Story Writers-Peter Cowan, Elizabeth Jolley, Justina Williams

L. R. Burrows
Three Poets-Ian Templeman, Hal Cole Batch, Elizabeth Marsh

Lou Klepac
Colonial Vision


Thomas Shapcott
Colin Johnson-Long Live Sandawara Colin Johnson-Long Live Sandawara

Jim Legasse
Peter Carey-War Crimes

Andrew Burke
Bruce Beaver-As It Was

Margaret R. Fitzgerald
Patricia Rolfe, Ed.-The Journalistic Javelin: An Illustrated History Of The Bulletin

Donald Stuart
Marjorie Bickerton-Dust Over The Pilbara

Cliff Gillam
Craig Mcgregor, Ed.-Bob Dylan: A Retrospective

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